Omi God! Check these out! This cake is baddest! Yetty's Cake is the Best in the whole wide world! - Uncle Niyi

Wow! You have finished me tottally with this innovative creation of the mind! Your Cake Company is the Best! Go Yetty! - Uncle Niyi

I guess I'm allowed to throw back on a Tuesday...My lovely BD cake by @yettyscakesvilla work of art! - Kiki Madu

Awww!, burriful baje, thank you so much!!! Can't wait to dive into it ooo.
My son loves it...Merci boku. - Shade Lawal

I have a cake guru as my bestie of over two (2) decade @yettyscakevilla this cake is everything, my daughter loves it. You know what? The cake tastes better thank it looks, thank you darling. - Makaselsas

Every cake was a hit back to back! From champagne bottle @ 40th to cosmetics for Mide to dis Mont Blanc. Joor o Yet YBaloo ti take over. - Yemisi Wole Akinleye


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